Celebrate John Wayne's Birth with these Fantastic Movie Quotes

Movie quotes from America's favorite cowboy and tough guy, John Wayne

John Wayne was born Marion Mitchell Morrison in Iowa. And his stage persona often seemed to channel his Grandfather Marion Mitchell Morrison in his war and cowboy films, as Marion the elder was a great American Civil War veteran. So if you ever wondered where his swagger and determined spirit on film came from... well his namesake of course!

So check out these great John Wayne movie quotes.

1. "Well, son, since you haven't learned to respect your elders, it's time you learned to respect your betters." ~Big Jake

2. "Well, I don't favor talkin' to vermin, but I'll talk to you just this once." ~Chisum

3. "Don't say it's a fine morning or I'll shoot ya." ~McClintock

4. "You do and it'll be the biggest mistake you ever made you Texas brushpopper." ~True Grit

5. "Well, there's no use prodding around. I'm willing to die trying to keep 'em. The question is, are you willing to die trying to take 'em. Now I'm cold and hungry and wet and tired and short-tempered, so get on with it!" ~Cahill U.S. Marshall

6. "Well... that's newspapers for you, ma'am. You could fill volumes with what you don't read in them." ~The Green Berets

7. "I don't want you men to be fooled about what's coming up for you. Torture, at least that. The War Department promised me 180 men. They sent me eighteen. You are the eighteen... so each of you will have to do the work of ten men. If you fail, I'll have you spread-eagled on a wagon wheel. If you desert, you'll be found, tracked down and broken into bits. That is all." ~Rio Grande

8. "There'll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate... except those in your own mercenary little heart!" ~The Quiet Man

9. "All we want to do is make you end up rich and respectable. You fight us every step of the way." ~The Sons of Katie Elder

10. I don't think I have to remind you that this war has been going on for almost 5 years. Over half of Europe has been overrun and occupied. We're comparative newcomers. England's gone through a blitz with a knife at her throat since 1940. I'm quite sure that they, too, are impatient and itching to go. Do I make myself clear? ~The Longest Day

You can hear his voice in your mind when you read these can't you? He had such an enormously powerful and unique voice in film. Of course my favorite was the Quiet Man as Sean Thornton, tough Irish-American boxer. But I guess I'll let you pick your own favorite among these movie quotes delivered by the one and only John Wayne... Marion Mitchell Morrison.

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